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Gamify Your Site with Virtual Stock Trading Contests

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Simulated trading.  Real learning.  Viral engagement.

It’s Game On with this Add-On powers financial sites with virtual trading games in stock market investing to enhance content, increase traffic, retain users, and earn revenue.

"...a virtual trading platform for simulated stock market competitions." Features

Offer simulated trading competitions in stock market investing on your site.

Viral Game Creation

Allow your visitors to create customized games on your site and invite their friends, and/or promote your open league trading competitions for all to join.

Educational Simulated Stock Trading

Enable beginner-to-advanced trading strategies, from simple “pick-and-hold” games to sophisticated “pro trade” game settings that including short selling, margin buying, etc.

Portfolio Management

Provide players with the ability to monitor portfolio positions, see investing performance, and review transaction history for each stock trading contest.

Player Leaderboards

Track and showcase the simulated investing performance of game participants on leaderboards by day, week, month, quarter, year, and all-time.

Notifications and Sharing

Engage users daily by emailing game updates and let players share their trading activity, contest chatter, and investing performance inside the game and outside via social networks.

Brand Promotions

Provide virtual stock trading games and league contests using your brand or your advertising partner’s in a private-label sponsorship program on a microsite, with customized branding and award options.

"...a platform on which brokerages and media partners can add stock trading games to their own sites."

Benefits for Site Owners

Enhance Content

Complement your site’s news, opinion, data, and services related to publicly-traded US stocks with virtual trading games.

Attract & Educate Users

Boost your site traffic, convert visitors to registered players, and educate users on stock market investing.

Increase Revenue

Increase page views to grow ad revenues, micropayments, or subscription signups to your products and services.

Add New Revenue

Sell sponsored competition promotions to your advertisers with customized branding and compelling award options.

About is a simulated investing platform that allows financial brands and publishers to offer virtual trading games - also known as “paper trading” - on their sites to attract visitors, retain users and drive revenue. In this beta phase, we’re seeking select partners in financial services to discuss powering their sites with simulated trading in stock market competitions. New features and new asset classes for simulated investing via are in the works, so stay tuned. is designed, developed, and operated by Starburst Labs, Inc. located in New York City and Providence. We make a suite of web and mobile fintech apps for individual investors and financial professionals.

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